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Deck the Halls with Inclusive Crafts: Easy Christmas Crafts for Special Needs Kids

The holiday season is a time full of joy, togetherness, and creativity. Kids love making arts and crafts during this festive time of year, but some projects may be challenging for children with special needs. The good news is there are plenty of easy Christmas crafts kids of all abilities can create while having fun and getting into the holiday spirit.

When choosing crafts for special needs children, look for projects that allow kids to work at their own pace, involve sensory stimulation, build fine motor control skills, or follow simple step-by-step instructions. It’s also helpful to use affordable and easily acquired supplies to minimize stress for kids and parents alike.

Glittery Salt Dough Ornaments
No two salt dough ornaments will turn out exactly the same thanks to the one-of-a-kind designs kids can roll, cut or sculpt. This textured dough is perfect for exercising little hands. Simply mix together salt, flour and water to form the flexible dough. Then unleash your child’s creativity by inviting them to cut out shapes using cookie cutters, imprint designs using household items like buttons or Lego bricks, or free-form sculpt shapes and symbols. Make a hole for string before baking to finish the keepsake ornament. Glitter paint adds a festive finishing touch.

Foam Sticker Scenes
Foam sticker crafts develop fine motor skills as children pinch and peel stickers to create their masterpieces. Offer a sensory experience by providing a variety of textures for kids to explore. Create a tactile wintery scene by having kids stick foam snowflakes, pompom trees and glittery bows onto cardstock. Use puffy stickers in different shapes to have them design their own ornament right on paper. Simple, mess-free and fun!

Candy Cane Ornaments
Simple yet candy-liciously cute, these sweet ornaments decorate the tree while encouraging fine motor practice. Pre-cut red and white striped strips of cardstock into candy cane shapes. Then set out glue sticks, beads, pom poms, wiggly eyes and other embellishments for kids to affix onto their candy pieces however they please. The gluing keeps little hands busy in this low-mess activity. Once the adornments are set, add ribbon to hang on the tree.

Handprint Reindeer
Turn precious little handprints into timeless reindeer art for the fridge or tree. Help children paint one hand with brown paint and gently press it onto paper, fingers pointing up to form antlers. Use a black paint dab on the nose then let your mini Matisse finish the reindeer face using a paintbrush. Add details like eyes or rosy cheeks using crayons, markers or stickers. Display proudly!

The great thing about crafting is that there’s no right or wrong way to create. Adapt any of these projects to suit each special child’s unique needs and abilities. Simplify instructions, use texture and sensory elements that appeal most to each young artist, or encourage them to craft their own way – masterpiece guaranteed.

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